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As a roofing company with the knowledge, adequate experience, and functional team, we are in the best position to handle your roofing project by giving you nothing but the best.

We help you save your money by providing a roof inspection in Sahuarita which enables us better understand your roofing needs and make a smart choice on what roofing material would be suitable for your roof.

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As fascinating as it seems, the home would never be the home without the roof on the building.

True safety is guaranteed by the roof and that is why it is pertinent for home improvement that the roof receives an equal amount of care and protection as it provides for you and your property.

Hence, whether your roof has suffered some serious storm damage or you want to repair it for home sale purposes,

we are at your service to guarantee the very best roofing services (roof inspection, replacement, installation, and repair) for your house or business property anywhere in Sahuarita Arizona.

So, when all we do is guarantee the best, what is not to like? We have confidence while on the job because we know all there is about roofs and your roofing concerns would most likely not be new to us. Our expertise as professionals triggered by our firm desire to satisfy these concerns is what has led us to the forefront of the business as roofing contractors. So, not to worry, contact us today to get a free estimate. We are as concerned as you are about your roof. So, let’s work together!

Why People Trust us with their Roof Inspection In Sahuarita Az ?

Trust is a very delicate subject. We understand that you would not like to entrust something as precious as your roof that guarantees your safety to just any roofing company in Sahuarita, Az. This is why we would make you understand why our clients have trusted us over the years and have not for once regretted vesting their roofing projects in our hands.


Roof Inspection & Estimate

Before we even get to start working on your roof, you already get to enjoy a roof inspection that tells us what the problem is with your roof.

During the roof inspection, we carry out an overall roof analysis where we place things like the decking and other aspects into total consideration to know what roofing improvement process to carry out.

If you are also concerned about what the cost might be to replace your roof, install a new roof on your new home, or repair your roof, we provide you with a free estimate to give you an insight.



We do our best to offer the best services at such an affordable price that our clients have no other choice but to return to us later in the future.

With us, you surely do not have to break the bank because our services are hinged at a budget-friendly price for our clients.


Clean Job

We acknowledge that most roof jobs, especially roof replacement and roof repairs, are messy. That’s why we ensure that the entire area is thoroughly cleaned as soon as we are done to ensure that the area is safe.

Getting nails and other materials on the floor is more than harmful to our clients and also leaves a bad reputation of our company behind that is why we take the painstaking effort of tidying things up before leaving.



As a professional roofing company, we are triggered by dedication and excellence.

This is one thing that our clients know us for; when it comes to the job, we go all into it! We have the right equipment and a very cooperative, professional, and friendly team.

We know when to wear the hat of professionalism and when to wear the friendly hat when our clients require it.

We are more than approachable to our clients because to us, their satisfaction matters most.


Sincere Advice

In addition to our professionalism, our team would provide you with sincere tips, advice, and details regarding your roof.

We know what the consequence of every roof repair, installation, or replacement action would be and if it would be detrimental to the safety of your house or business property, we would clearly state it and offer better tips on home improvement and roof maintenance.

This helps you make informed decisions.


Quality Materials

Since we value every cent you spend on your roof with us, we do our best to use the best materials on your roof.

Whether shingles, metal roofs, or other roofing materials are needed, we get them from the very best brand available to assure 100% durability.



Our clients know how much we value their time. So, immediately after we inspect your roof and the problem has been detected through the roof inspection, we take it upon ourselves to arrive early for the job.

One reason why we do this is that we want to try as much as possible to avoid prolonging the discomfort that leaks or broken shingles can cause.


Great Customer Service

What’s the need of getting a roofing contractor if you can’t enjoy something as basic as great customer service? Well, great customer service is something our clients get the moment they choose to hire us for the job. This also applies to you the moment you decide to contact us for your roofing project.


Genuine Concern for your Needs

No matter how ridiculous you think your roofing project is, we are keenly interested in it. Your concerns are our concerns and your safety is what we want to guarantee. This is what makes our clients trust us with even the minor issues and grave ones as regards their roofing.


Assist with Law and Insurance-related Matters

We are a certified and insured roof company and we can come in handy in navigating any state laws or insurance matters for our clients to carry out the roof inspection, repair, installation, or replacement that they desire.

How Will We Address Your Roof Inspection Sahuarita?

With our expertise, we handle every roof inspection job with the same carefulness whether you want to replace, repair, or install a roof, shingles, or siding. We understand that the cost of a new roof installation is more than the repairs and that is why we always treat every call regarding roof repairs with seriousness.

Anywhere in Sahuarita, our team will arrive promptly for the inspection and once this has been carried out, they will provide a detailed report of the overall state of your roof, siding, and shingles. With our report comes the best sincere advice on what step to follow to ensure that the problem with your roof is resolved. After this step, you get our estimate of what the repairs would cost.

We are diligent and ever-ready to work. This is one reason why we respond promptly to emergency calls arising from storm damage or other severe depreciation of the roof. To us, safety is important and safety with the right roof contractor is always a step in the right direction.

In addition to using the very best materials on your roof and offering fast, efficient, and professional services at a highly affordable price, we have augured an increased lifespan for your roof. With our availability and zeal, we always leave the door open to you for your future roof maintenance projects with us. That’s one of the reasons why we have a long history with our clients and we are certain that you would be one of them.

Are you in need of a roof repair, replacement, or even a new roof installation? Quickly contact us today to schedule a roof inspection in Sahuarita and to get started on improving the quality and lifespan of the roof of your home or business. You can rest assured that we will do an excellent job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some roof contractors, like us, provide a roof inspection service to their clients but it depends on your choice of a roofing contractor. Thus, the cost of roof inspection in Arizona is not fixed because there are so many factors that have to be put into consideration when providing an estimate. Before stating what these factors are and how they affect the entire cost of roof inspection, we will state what the average cost of a roof inspection is in Az.

The average cost of roof inspection in Arizona is between $200 and $450. It is essential to note that this is only an average estimate; it could be cheaper or even a little more expensive than this. Plus, there are a couple of factors that contribute to the overall cost of roof inspection. These factors include:

  • The climatic conditions of your area.
  • The size and condition of your roof.
  • The inspection method to be employed (physical, drone, or infrared).
  • The accessibility of your roof.

To carry out your roof inspection, there are a few boxes to check before embarking on the task. The first of these boxes are getting a ladder, the second is getting a pair of binoculars but it is entirely optional, the third is a drone, and the last is, a flashlight to inspect the attics.

One of the advanced ways to visually inspect your roof is by using a drone or infrared methods. The new technological advancement has pervaded even the roofing business that you can stay down and through the use of these gadgets you can spot cracks, holes, and dark spots on your roof or shingles.

If you are not tech-inclined or do not have the drone system, a pair of binoculars can also help you spot possible problems with your roof. To effectively use this, you need to walk around the house or stay a distance away from your house (maybe in your neighbors’ house), and through the binoculars detect any sign of discoloration or patches on your roof.

You can also, with the use of a flashlight inspect your roof by looking at the attic. You have to check out for mold, wet patches, leaks, or holes. Something as simple as a hole in your attic can signify a major roof issue. So, be thorough.

The final way to visually inspect a roof is by using the old school ladder. Climb the ladder (there is no need to walk on the roof) and check for notable signs of missing shingles, moss, or dark spots on your roof. It would also be good if the gutter system of the roof is inspected for signs of clogging or water damage.

Homeowners and roofing companies can inspect the roof without walking on it by simply following due process and taking note of things like;

  • Checking out for damaged or broken shingle

While shingles give your home its unique look, a missing shingle or one that is beginning to come undone can leave it looking unattractive and even jeopardize the safety of your home. It is true that this unique roofing material that comes in different shapes and designs is mostly ruined by fallen objects, hails, and wind, and thus, they have to be inspected regularly. Check out for undone shingles, cracks, missing shingles, and dark spots on shingles to ascertain if you need a new roof or just have to replace them.

  • Walking around your house with some binoculars

Walking around your house with a pair of binoculars can help you detect if there are problems with your roof. When doing this, be careful to inspect for shingles damage, chimney damage, flashing issues, and any broken areas. Another thing that would equally suffice is viewing your roof from a little distance. That way you can watch out for discolored roofs, patches, and missing shingles. Endeavor to be painstaking enough to watch out for even the minor issues because the minor ones lead to greater roof complications that would pull out huge sums of money from your pocket. It is only when these things are noted that the contractor can provide a reliable estimate and determine if anything has to be repaired, replaced, and installed.

  • Inspecting caulking

The caulking can be seen without climbing a ladder. So, what you have to watch out for is fractures, cracks, or spaces around that area. If any is seen then you may have to work on the caulking of your roof to keep your property safe and free of water damage or leaks.

  • Inspecting the roof from the inside

While it may seem impossible to tell the problem of the roof from the inside of the building, we assure you that the inner state of the building tells a lot about the roofing condition. What you have to do here is check the ceilings and attics for any sign of water damage. Leaks and damp insulation are great indicators that the health of your roof may have been compromised.

  • Understanding the durability of your roofing material

If you understand how strong and durable your roofing materials are, you can predict when it would most likely begin to develop some issues. This can help save you the costs of repairs, replacement, and installation. Most metal roofs can last for an average of forty years. The 3-tab asphalt roofs or shingles have a lifespan of about twenty years; fiberglass or architectural asphalt roofs can last for as long as thirty years; stone tiles or terra cotta could last for an average of fifty years; wood shakes or shingles are durable for up to twenty years.

Regardless of the lifespan, homeowners must understand that the complete lifespan of a roof is dependent on some factors and regular inspection is still recommended to increase the lifespan of the roof.

  • Inspecting the gutters

The rule of thumb for roof inspection is that roofing contractors must always check the gutters. Although the gutter system may not seem to pose any major problem to your roof or siding, leaking, clogged, or cracked gutters overtime damage your siding and may even cause water to get into your windows. The job of the gutter system is to prevent water from getting into delicate areas like the siding, walls, and even the windows. So, ensure you carefully inspect the gutters while carrying out your roof inspection.

Evaluating a roof entails looking at it (inspecting it) and making a detailed report of any potential problems the roof may have. This evaluation is usually carried out by professionals who can detect what the problems are and know what to do to solve the problem. This is why it is essential to get a certified and trusted roofing contractor or company for the job. When choosing a roofing company, watch out for diligence, caution, and an eye for the most inconspicuous of detail. These qualities are a must-have for every good roof contractor to carry out a good evaluation. Also, to evaluate a roof adequately, ensure to do the following;
  • Check for damaged or missing flashing points.
  • Check for cracked tiles.
  • Evaluate the external and internal look of the roof.
  • Check for spots and cracks on the roof which could signify water leakage.
  • Examine the vent, drains, and fascia.
  • Check for missing or undone shingles.

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